How To Build Your First Blockchain App on Blockstack

A tutorial to build your first app on the decentralized web

Blockstack is a network for decentralized applications. This platform leverages a serverless architecture, which helps remove critical points of vulnerability. By eliminating these weak points, which have frequently fallen victim to hacks, Blockstack makes user data more secure.
I was able to publish this on in less than a week
npm init react-app blockstack-tutorial
cd blockstack-tutorial
npm install --save blockstack@19.0.0-alpha.2
npm install react-app-rewired --save-dev
mkdir src/utils
touch src/utils/constants.js
open src/utils/constants.js
yarn add blockstack@19.0.0-alpha.2
yarn add react-app-rewired --save-dev
import { AppConfig } from 'blockstack'export const appConfig = new AppConfig(['store_write', 'publish_data'])
touch config-overrides.js
open config-overrides.js
open package.json
open src/App.js
open src/index.js
open src/App.css
npm start
yarn start

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