Learn to code in multiplayer game part 1

Hi, I’m Rob!

Growing up, I was always interested in computers. I would skip lunch to save up enough allowance to buy computer parts because that costs less than buying a whole computer. Many months later in 2006, I finally had my very own crummy computer that I had scraped together but dang that was the best computer I ever owned.

By 13, I knew I was interested in learning code, but society and my own circle kept telling me “You’re not smart enough”, “You have to be a genius”, or bluntly “You’re too dumb”. And at some point, I believed them.

WELL I’m here as a developer today to tell you that if people are telling you similar words, they are wrong! At 26 I signed up for a coding bootcamp and in just 3 months, I learned how to software engineer and landed my first position shortly after. My starting salary was nearly double of what I was offered for a Project Management position that I had declined earlier to pursue coding. Insane.

Truth is I don’t think I’m a moron, but I also don’t see myself as a genius. No offense to my classmates (they’re great) but they didn’t seem that genius either. We’re just ordinary people trying to learn a new skill.

If you want to learn how to code, you can too. Yes, learning how to program is hard, just like learning any new language or any new sport. But with practice, continuous effort, and time, it’s totally possible.

The key is to show up day after day and to believe that you are capable, to be able to visualize yourself as who you want to be. This is why I’m working tirelessly after work hours and giving up precious weekends to build a solution.

The premise for the WaddleWaddle app is to embody a combination of comprehensive learning platforms such as Codecademy and good old video games that keep you entertained and wanting to do more.

I’ve always enjoyed strategy games since I was four and more recently I had a really fun time playing Clash Royale, so I’m putting these two very different systems together in as complimentary of a way as possible to bring you a totally new learning experience.

The Ambition:
- To make learning code less intimidating and more enjoyable, entertaining, and approachable.
- To raise awareness that anyone who wants to be a software engineer can be a software engineer.
- To make lessons more accessible for more people.

We are opening up our prototype to the public for early alpha access! Bring your friends and come learn JavaScript in a fun never before seen way!

I do tutoring for JavaScript on the first Monday every Month on Meetup.

We will also be live-streaming the events on YouTube and Twitch.

Join our Discord community, I’m always happy to chat about code!

I will be blogging about technical challenges, mistakes made, and lessons learned while building the WaddleWaddle app. Follow me here if that’s a journey you’d like to read about!

Software Engineer